Meme culture: Prevailing particular content, means, and you can participation

Meme culture: Prevailing particular content, means, and you can participation

The rooted studies recognized four fundamental categories of meme quiddities you to united instances with the same relatives: Object, particular profile, common character, action, and you can keywords. Following the difference between concrete artwork quiddities and you may abstract textual ones (Lewis, 2012 ; Spitzberg, 2014 ), i constructed a measurement to have quiddity concreteness. The first one or two kinds-things (particularly Mentos for the “Diet Mentos”) and you may specific emails (such as for instance Bert during the “Bert is Worst”)-try very visible and you will real. Simple emails (for instance the certain cats in the “LOLcats”) and you may strategies (like the moving movements from inside the “This new Evolution of Dance”) will still be obvious, however their manifestation you will go from you to definitely eg to some other. Eventually, unlike visible things, sentences are the minimum real or perhaps the really abstract of the many categories. Next division, i mentioned brand new percentage of era in the for each relatives one to contained possess away from each of the categories. Each meme such as for instance during the children must include no less than one type of quiddity. The new quiddity concreteness height try received for each meme household members situated to your weighted an incredible number of the 5-quiddity groups: object and you can specific character (1), general profile and you will steps (0), and you will terminology (?1).

Quiddity versions

When you look at the RQ1 i requested exactly what are the prevalent particular quiddities you to bind meme parents with her. All of our data revealed that step is considered the most frequently employed quiddity from the decide to try (42.2% away from meme occasions), followed by keywords (38.5%). Specific reputation (29%) and you may object (23%) was indeed less frequent, having universal character (fifteen.7%) behind about. It is essential to remember that the conclusions show that the latest main quiddity is actually mainly different from this new general characteristics searching during the brand new codebook for most meme family members. In fact, into the 90% of one’s meme family, the latest quiddity is actually specific for example wasn’t included in the universal attributes. Particularly, throughout the “Celebrity Battles Boy” friends, the fresh new work regarding assaulting having laser beam swords is a very particular quiddity, for example could not end up being caught from the generic attributes of the fresh new codebook.

In RQ2 i requested hence themes, models, and you may contribution structures is common (and you can marginal) in modern-day websites memes. I learned that preferred culture (twenty-six.5%), dinner (19.1%) and you can the brand new media (sixteen.3%) had been the most used topics; nationality (2.6%), latest situations (3.2%), and you will work and you will work (step three.3%) was indeed at least popular information. With respect to intercourse, men professionals (59.4%) had been portrayed two times as often once the girls users (twenty seven.3%). Family and you may young people (38.7%) looked really, if you find yourself elderly members was at least portrayed (5.6%) in terms of generation. Caucasian professionals (forty two.5%) have been by far the most represented cultural classification, when you are Latina or Latino participants the least (0.2%). In the end, with respect to form, most days were photos (56%) or video clips (42.6%) unlike sheer textual memes (1%). In general, such findings validate many findings manufactured in the brand new qualitative knowledge revealed above, where the memetic industries was known as controlled by younger, white boys. With regards to themes, media-oriented playfulness seemingly have started a lot more extreme than involvement that have government. Therefore predicated on descriptive analytics at least, government is pretty limited in the memetic areas. Yet ,, as the unfolded less than, circle data will state you a very advanced facts.

Brand new cohesiveness from universal services for the meme family members

While the detailed above, among tries on the study would be to view the brand new the total amount of cohesiveness off meme group with respect to their generic functions (RQ3). Figure 2 suggests brand new circle of memes sharing comparable content qualities. To manufacture the newest visual data crisper, we let you know right here only five meme parents you to display several otherwise a whole lot more features. The dimensions of the brand new node is short for their system education, put simply, how many other meme hours it shares articles features having. Instance, the initial meme off “Get-off Britney By yourself” is the prominent node, discussing at least two articles attributes having 56 (from 83) other meme hours. “Graffiti” and you will “Birmingham” is actually each other instances of the fresh new “Pepper Squirt Cop” meme family. They are the smallest nodes on the network, revealing two posts services having a few most other meme era. Brand new depth of your own wrap means exactly how many mutual features. Including, new connections anywhere between instances of the new “Get off Britney By yourself” are very dense, which means he or she is very similar to one another in terms out-of blogs. The initial meme and its period share doing nine (of sixteen) stuff properties collectively.


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