The fresh new Fell Girl. A couple of Beliefs of women in the Bram Stoker’s «Dracula»

The fresh new Fell Girl. A couple of Beliefs of women in the Bram Stoker’s «Dracula»

Sarah Kunz (Author)

Regarding the Stoker within the 1897, the two lady characters Lucy Westenra and you may Mina Harker one another see to help you depict the fresh new Victorian most useful from women virtue. Although not, because story continues, vampirism, brought through to community from the Number Dracula, demands those individuals axioms. Shortly after getting turned an excellent vampire, Lucy turns towards a freely sexual predator, while Mina transforms on the a beneficial „The brand new Lady“. When you are Mina shall be spared in the end, Lucy has to die at the the girl partner’s submit buy so you’re able to return to you to definitely innocent condition out of purity. The differences between the two family unit members score evoked on the novel and feature a few different varieties of lady; individual who is really worth saving and one who isn’t due to the fact they threatens Victorian beliefs. Lucy was already foredoomed at the start, before the Count also already been preying on her as the she rebelled up against the conventions away from Victorian community and since she didn’t build relationships the newest philosophy of point in time. Mina, but not, shall be conserved since the she will not defy the fresh restrictions of people and you may remains devoted towards ideals of the time.

Inside Victorian area, ladies was indeed named sensitive and painful stuff, whom would have to be saved by their males. These were supposed to fortify the ego of the men saviors and you will was indeed must be serious about her or him. The fresh new stereotypical woman is sometimes a mother or father otherwise an effective virgin, if in case she are neither out of both, she try considered a whore. Richard Krafft-Ebing stated in the ebook called Psychopathia Sexualis you to definitely „lady, however, in the event that truly and you can psychologically normal, and you may securely experienced, has however, little sensual focus. When it was indeed or even, ily will be blank words“ (Krafft-Ebing 14). And that, the feminine sex drive shouldn’t exist, since their sexual desire isn’t essential for reproduction, apart from the male sexual satisfaction. Both men and women at some point turned scared away from women sexuality as the it actually was not familiar and unnatural. William Acton triggered this fear from the accepting the idea you to definitely certain girls was in fact lustful and you will contained a food cravings for sex, but the guy watched such as uncommon intimate desires that “surpass the ones from boys, and you can surprise social feeling of the its expo” (Acton 179). After that to this, a female can be submissive so you can the woman boy and fulfil the brand new role regarding a housewife. And that, in the event that a woman had more sexual drive than just her son, the man perform no longer become dominating and you will effective, which, the girl could not complete new character she have to have faithful herself to. These types of philosophy out of Victorian society try illustrated into the Lucy Westenra and you will Mina Harker. However, it is just on earliest sight you to definitely Lucy really signifies a great absolute woman.

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An individual can watch three different amounts out of Lucy’s portrayal during the new unique. The initial stage was Lucy ahead of she is turned an effective vampire, then your reader growth entry to their in the conversion process and you will ultimately Lucy are illustrated because a vampire vixen. First, Lucy appears to show a delicate and you may sheer ladies regarding Victorian community. official site This woman is not just stunning, but also pure and you will innocent, which makes their an angel of your own domestic. not, being an item off appeal, she receives about three matrimony proposals and you may wants to offer to the him or her from the claiming: “As to why are unable to it help a woman wed about three people, otherwise as much as wanted the lady, and you will save all which troubles?” (Stoker sixty). In the event she instantaneously describes their wants due to the fact “heresy”, she shows that she covertly really wants to experience lifestyle outside of the constraints and you can restrictions off Victorian people. About article “The brand new Get back of one’s Repressed/Opressed in Bram Stoker’s Dracula”, Burton Hatlen acknowledges, “certainly you will find, prior to Dracula entered the woman lives, a cravings within her one to their haut bourgeois industry couldn’t satisfy“ (Hatlen 123). And therefore, Lucy can perform wanting more than one man even if she knows that this woman is perhaps not meant to be men and women wants. Her thoughts is restricted by the Victorian thinking and you may she really does maybe not challenge to issue people. However, this lady significance of wants you to differ greatly away from this lady virginal state will be offered using Dracula.


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