The lady gowns comes with the a recommended collection of fingerless gloves and therefore reach off wrists up to their elbows

The lady gowns comes with the a recommended collection of fingerless gloves and therefore reach off wrists up to their elbows

Alexis’s design incorporates several levels from outfits and a number of regarding words. Illustrated this is actually the Duelist completely Obelisk Blue regalia off front side, top, and you can rear close to views of her head out of additional angles.

Alexis’ reputation design try watched by Kenichi Hara. The woman usual dress consists of the high quality sleeveless lady Obelisk Blue consistent having its: a blue dress in conjunction with a buckle colored when you look at the a white blue color, white clothes, bluish boots, a beneficial sleeveless jacket made from white-colored fabric with some bluish marks in the collar and on the front top inside the boobs height.

The lady a lot of time, ebony blonde locks are occasionally set up, with a large bit behind the upper part of the nape from their shoulder. She has hazel sight. She carries an Academia Disk for her left sleeve. Throughout her elderly seasons, she deal a good Duel Computer with blue skinny symbolizing the newest Obelisk Bluish dormitory on her behalf kept sleeve.


Alexis is very sure, nice, compassionate, brave and you can strong-willed, but really she cannot proceed with the group neither do she admiration by herself because the much better than other people like many out of her Obelisk co-workers, regardless if she do tell you some admiration for them, (instance during this lady duel with Chazz).

Alexis is well known better for her beauty, and several male emails throughout the reveal have shown infatuation with her. As the the woman is the most beautiful girl during the Duel Academy if you’re in addition to an excellent duelist, she’s attained this new brands «Madonna» and you may «Queen out-of Obelisk Bluish». Although not, she’s kind, modest rather than prideful, and does not intentionally have fun with their seems so you’re able to her virtue, and this probably attracts the male college students to help you her so much more. Syrus, Chazz, Pierre the new Casino mylol zaloguj siÄ™ player, Harrington Rosewood, and you will Bob Banter have all acquired inside duels and you may dilemmas to have the girl affections. However, she has stated have a tendency to one she doesn’t want a date, which has not gone through having anyone’s interest in her.

Ironically, while the series progressed she in reality install an excellent smash on Jaden, exactly who are one of the few people not to tell you infatuation together with her. The girl smash on the him increasingly became so much more apparent and more powerful even when she never had brand new bravery to share with him. She in the long run wished to admit her thoughts to help you your within avoid from event 162, however, decides to not and instead simply claims she are pleased having met him.

Alexis has lay herself in peril to help her family of numerous times. This lady has strong rely on within her Dueling skills, but she cannot operate vain regarding it, unlike Chazz, Aster, and often Jaden. Alexis as well as tends to work so much more quiet and you may kepted than simply Jaden’s almost every other friends. She tries to stay close to Jaden and you may support your inside the defeating worst regarding collection, but usually finds herself in some trouble and you can needing their saving.

Shortly after Alexis forgotten their Duel to Chazz and you will was brainwashed into joining the fresh Area from White, their identity altered dramatically. She turned into very impolite, arrogant and you may insulting towards Jaden and also the others, and you can first started generating sarcastic statements. She also started initially to label Jaden an excellent «dork» and «loser» and claiming the guy is to «score an alternative line», and you can named Syrus and you can Hassleberry «dweebs». She discussions back into her co-workers more often as well. This all finished whenever Jaden defeated the woman and you will undid their brainwashing.


Her and her brother’s surname could have been written while the «Tenjouin», «Tenjoin», and you may «Tenjyoin» inside Roman characters. The lady considering label regarding the Japanese version means «tomorrow’s scent», and you may the woman is called «The next day Girl» because of the Jim Crocodile Prepare. The woman English term setting «helper» or «defender».


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